Our Story

From Small Beginnings

Our Story

In the Spring of 2007, three mothers, women with experience in Christian education, began meeting to discuss the prospects of starting a new Christian school in Alamogordo and the Tularosa Basin; a school decidedly different than what was available at the time, that was non-denominational, and board governed. It was their desire to found a school that partnered with parents to provide a rigorous education that was grounded in a Biblical worldview, leading students to an understanding of what they believed, why they believed it, and how to defend their faith.

As a result of countless hours of research, they came to believe that classical Christian education was just the model of education for which they were searching. It was a method of education that was experiencing a resurgence in America, that had great success, and that had been passed down through history from the ancient world to the early 1900’s in America. The decision to adopt the classical Christian model was followed by many months of public meetings; a trip to Logos School in Moscow, Idaho, where a classical Christian school had been successfully in place for many years; and countless hours of board meetings to develop and create everything from the school name and crest, to policy manuals and curriculum.

With the generous donation of classroom space by First Baptist Church, Imago Dei Academy opened its doors in the Fall of 2008 with 16 students in grades K-5 through 7. The board committed to adding a grade a year until the school offered a full K-12 program with the first graduating class in 2012. The school has grown from those humble beginnings to over 120 students enrolled for the 2016-2017 school year. We have been continually blessed with quality faculty and families dedicated to Christian, classical education. IDA is known locally and statewide for its quality music and drama programs. We have an active Parent Teacher Support Group and recently implemented a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) committee tasked with expanding our program offerings and securing highly qualified faculty in the STEM fields.

Continued student population growth necessitated the need for additional classroom space. In the Spring of 2019, with the generous support of the community and numerous volunteers, the IDA Board of Directors purchased an independent school site.  Located at 3601 North Scenic Ave., the new facility ensures generational impact throughout the Tularosa Basin.

IDA is accredited by the National Association of Private Schools and is a member of the Association of Classical Christian Schools.


What Parents Say

Imago Dei is an absolutely amazing school. My son LOVED his teachers and going to school every day. I appreciate how they gave him the joy of learning his kinder year. They laid the foundation that school is awesome, and it’s fun to learn! Not only is the school amazing, the teachers genuinely love the kids. We moved to Colorado, and we have been trying to find another school like Imago Dei, and it’s been very hard. Don’t take for granted that this gem of a school is in Alamogordo. I wish we could pack it up and move it here! Thank you Imago Dei!

Macey Robinson

We loved every minute of Kindergarten and 1st grade at IDA. The staff is caring and wonderful with the kids. My daughter looked forward to going back to school after the summer and Christmas breaks. The school provides a great environment that fosters a love for learning in the children. It was a huge blessing for our family.

Nikki McPhee

I believe Imago Dei Academy is a school set apart from the norm. Their motto is “Truth, Wisdom, and Eloquence”. Through my six year acquaintance with this school, I have watched my grandchildren and other children become students who are encouraged to work toward excellence in every area of their standard academic work and life. I see their developing deportment, courtesy and right-assurance grow (becoming humble, having a firm place to stand, knowing that they are loved by God and family and have a place in this world). I see the staff supporting each other as a team, working through issues, supportive in keeping students and each other accountable even in the hard things. I like the way the upper-grade students serve as ‘bigs” (mentors) to the K – 2 “littles” and “smalls”. I like the big challenges offered. The orchestra, choir, and drama opportunities are outstanding. The thing I most cherish about what the board, staff, parents and IDA community together are achieving is creating a place where we can ask God to fulfill our hope of enabling our children to be lifelong learners who are wise and eloquent image bearers of Christ.

Janet Tremblay